This is Me!

I was an elementary school librarian In Calgary for 14 years.

I have sold manuscripts to, Highlights for Children; entitled, “Home Improvement,” “The Valentine Swap,” “My Puppies Journey,” which was also featured in “Measurement Inc, and reprinted with Peoples Publishing Group,

Also the article entitled “A Prickly Situation/Adventure,” which was also sold to NCS Pearson, Rally! Education, CTB/McGraw –Hill and just recently to Curriculum Associates.

“The Unshakable Birdhouse,” was featured in Nature Friend magazine  and “The Journeys of a Writer,” in Westword.

I have written four novels for children which are presently out to publishers.

Sharing books with students at J.L. Crowe

With my love of reading comes the perfect job; writing Kids and Teen Book Reviews for the Calgary Herald and Postmedia Partners.

I am recently retired and living in the Kootenays where I continue to read, relax and explore my big beautiful backyard which is British Columbia.

Where is Little Fish and Count with Little Fish

These Little Fish Board books by Lucy Cousins are my granddaughters favourites.  I introduced them to her when she was about 1 year old.  They are the perfect size for wee hands.  Finding the fish under the flaps of these brilliantly coloured pages never gets old.  She excitedly finds and names the fish each time.


She also loves the Counting one.  We use our fingers to count each fish and then trace the number on the opposite page.

The Knife of Never Letting Go

Chaos Walking Trilogy #1

By Patrick Ness

Candlewick Press

This is one of my favorite series. Todd is the only boy in a town of men, where a virus has caused everyone to hear the thoughts of living creatures.  Soon to be of age Todd is both thrilled and scared. He knows the men are hiding a huge secret.  When he stumbles across a young girl everything he knows is questioned and his decision to help her puts him on the run from everyone and ever thing he has known.  As he discovers other villagers, he learns the truth about his people and the other inhabitants known as the Spackle. This unique story will have you on the edge of your seat.  The next two books, The Ask and Answer and Monsters of Men are even better.


Author Chris Struyk-Bonn

Orca Book Publishers

This story, set in a future world, has a pioneer feel to it.  Whisper lives in a time when an over abundance of children are being born with deformities.  These children are abandoned and mistreated.  When Whisper finds her true gift in music, she has to decide between a fulfilling new life or a lifetime of struggles with her only friends. This intriguing coming-of-age story will appeal to girls ages 12 and up

Kootenay Slang

Sailing Wait – How many times a loaded ferry will travel to its destination and back before it’s your turn to get on.

Burning Slash –Slash and burn is a method of farming that involves clearing land by destroying and burning all the trees and plants on it

Facing down Smokie – Encountering a bear and surviving

Beaver Valley -The Beaver Valley is a gentle and narrow valley east of Trail lined with evergreens and traversed by Beaver Creek, famous for its plentiful brook and rainbow trout. About 5,000 people make their home in the Beaver Valley which also contains the Villages of Montrose and Fruitvale

Trash to Treasure – A day when you can put out items you don’t need so others can take for free

We’re not made of Sugar – When you plan an event outside and its pouring rain and you go ahead with it anyway

Banquet tickets ($35 each or 2 for $40) – lol

Smokies – also refers to our hometown hockey team -The Trail Smoke Eaters   are a junior “A” ice hockey team from Trail, British Columbia, Canada.

Houndsley and Catina Through the Seasons

Author: James Howe Illustrated by: Marie-Louise Gay

(Candlewick Press)

In this book we journey with Houndsley and Catina as they navigate what being a good friend means. When they are learning to write, facing snow storms or creating birthday fun, they are also figuring out how to say no, how to challenge yourself, and how to think about others. Beginner readers aged five to eight will love the chapter style stories filled with large print and adorable illustrations

Dinosaur, A Photicular Book

Created By Dan Kainen, Written by Kathy Wollard

For children, and adults who love dinosaurs, this book takes them on a magical journey.  Using Photicular technology these ancient creatures can be viewed in 3 D motion, opening their mouths, walking, running and fighting. Younger readers will need help with the informational text and summaries, but will be entertained by the moving images.