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Posted on Friday, September 11th, 2009 at 12:37 pm

Hello everyone, I hope you will check out my information on “How to Write,” and try out some of my favourite Kid friendly websites!

If you scroll down this page it will show you  the most recent updates.

To see all of my website click on the different category tabs on the right,  or click on the orange highlighted words below:

For Book Reviews, look for me in the first Saturday of the Month, in the Arts and Books section of the Calgary Herald.

Kid Links This is one stop shopping.  In other words you only need to log in to my site to get links to some great Kid Sites! Look for the orange website address and click on it. There are lots of pages so be sure to scroll down and click on older entries.

Kids Can Write contains helpful advice for students who want to put all their creative thoughts into a great story.

Novels is the first  novel I wrote called, “My Guardian.” Scroll down and read the chapters, when you get to the end, click on OLDER ENTRIES to finish it off to Chapter 14.  Enjoy!  I welcome comments.


Writing Tips is for kids and adults who want to make their story writing better.  Reading Tips will help parents help their kids!

Library Bulletin Boards:  check out my  library  bulletin board creations for different seasons and themes.

When you click on the ARCHIVES tab at the right you will see what updates have been added for each month.

About Barb Hesson is about me!

Enjoy, try it all.  Suggestions and comments are welcome.


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23 Responses to “Welcome To My Website”

  1. Mary says:

    I love your bulletin boards! Is it original art? Or is there somewhere I can locate your bear in the “Hibernate with a Good Book” Bulletin.

    Thank you

  2. The artwork has come from a variety of books on making bulletin boards.

    A great site to check is: http://www.highsmith.com/
    This is Highsmith Upstart library resources. A great bulletin board book is “Keep em Reading Bulletin Boards,” and I think the other is called, “More Keep em Reading….”

  3. Roseanna Terrio says:

    Hi Barbra

    Wow, I love your website, it is just fantastic! Keep up the great work.


  4. barbrahesson says:

    Thanks for the encouraging comments!

  5. Barbra,
    Hi. I am interested in the bulletin board titled, “POP INTO THE LIBRARY”. Where did you get materials for making the pictures?

  6. barbrahesson says:

    I enlarged some pictures from the Print Shop Premier Edition.

  7. Alecia Goodwin says:

    Dearest Ms. Hesson,
    I’m a media clerk in Atlanta, Georgia. I work for DeKalb County School System. I’m interested in the bulletin board titled, “Oh, The Places You’ll Go”. Where did you get the children from on that bulletin board?
    Thank you in advance!!

  8. barbrahesson says:

    I got most of them from the “The Print Shop” software program.

  9. Claire says:

    Great bulletin boards. I especially like the dolls holding books that you have included in several of them. Can you share your source for them,please?

    I can think of lots of ways to use them in my media center.

  10. barbrahesson says:

    I have purchased beany baby dolls, mostly from dollar stores. I have used them in many displays holding tiny books that I have made from publishing catalogues, just cut out the small images. I also use them in various stances on top of my library shelving.

  11. Valencia says:

    A great site to check is: http://www.highsmith.com/
    This is Highsmith Upstart library resources. A great bulletin board book is “Keep em Reading Bulletin Boards,” and I think the other is called, “More Keep em Reading….”


  12. Aparna Ranish says:

    Gr8 Blog . Loved your bulletin board ideas … very creative … can you help me choose some books for our new primary school (grade 1-4) library … we have kindergarten as well…looking forward for your valuable suggestion… thanks

  13. barbrahesson says:

    Thanks for your encouragement. If you are thinking about picture books, our kids love anything by David Shannon “No David” is the main title, Scaredy Squirrel Series by Melanie Watt, “How do Dinosaurs….” by Jane Yolen, the Dino-Soccer etc by Lis Wheeler, anything by Lauren Child (Charlie and Lola) and anything by Ted Arnold. Also a really big hit is any of the Look and Find books. In novels I would suggest these series for younger students: Junie B Jones, Judy Moody, Magic Tree House, Schooling Around, Dinosaur Cove, Geronimo Stilton, Puppy Place, Just Grace. For a bit older crowd: How I survived Middle School,Dear Dumb Diary, of course The Wimpy Kid, any Star Trek series, The thirty-nine clues, Lemony Snicket, Lightning Thief, Cinderella Cleaners, Indiana Jones, Candy Apple, Chronicles of Narnia. I guess I could go on and on, but those are some of the more popular ones. Good luck.

  14. Shelly says:

    I love all of your bulletin boards! I was interested in the “Building Readers” board. I love the idea and it would be perfect in my library. I checked out Highsmith like you suggested to others and I Googled for truck cutouts. You don’t have any clue where/when you got those do you? Or did you make them? Just trying to figure out how to reproduce! Thanks!

  15. barbrahesson says:

    I actually got those cut outs at a Dollar Store in Colville Washington about 3 years ago. You could try googling “Truck colouring book pictures” and then you would have to enlarge them. I often photocopy my pictures onto a clear plastic sheet and then use an overhead to enlarge them. Or if you are a good artist, go for it. When you type in “colouring book pictures” you often get really good simple images. Good luck!

  16. Shelly says:

    Thanks! I will try it!

  17. Sandy says:

    Hi Barbra,

    I didn’t know how else to contact you. I tried to click on your “Book Reviews” link but I could not get onto the page. I am trying to find the title/author of a fantasy book I read to my class years ago and when I googled a brief line about a part of book one of your links showed up with a very similar piece in the “blurb” by the link.

    Could you possibly help me?

    Thanks so much.

  18. barbrahesson says:

    Sorry for the late reply. I have taken my Book Reviews off as they were a lot of work to manage, only because I read so much. I have put most of them on Goodreads if that helps. If you could give me any more info as to the subject of the book I may remember it.

  19. Leslie Kenny says:

    HI Barb,
    I would like to send you a review copy of Prairie Pictures by Shirlee Smith Matheson.

    Can you send me mailing address?

    Cheers, Leslie

    p.s. Check out your new juvenile fiction imprint, Wandering Fox Books.

  20. Hi Barb,
    Could you please tell me where you found the picture of the bear reading on the bulletin board “Hibernate with a good book” I have looked everywhere.
    Thanks, Cooki

  21. barbrahesson says:

    I actually got that from a previous librarian and I am not sure where she got it. Sorry, but if you do a google search and put in images or clipart or even colouring book pages with your topic you may find a great picture. I often print the image on a clear sheet that goes onto an overhead projector and then I can make the picture as big as I like and trace it. Good luck.

  22. Mary Jones says:

    You have two bulletin boards online “the Places You Will Go?” Where did you get the library closet and kids used in the bulletin board?

  23. barbrahesson says:

    The Library door I got from print shop and made modifications, and cut the door open. The children clip art was also from enlarged images from print shop.

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