My Puppy’s Journey

Posted on Friday, September 11th, 2009 at 4:56 pm

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My Puppy’s Journey

My neighbor called me just hours after the puppies were born.
When I first saw them, I was shocked. All the pups looked nearly the same, like a row of guinea pigs in a pet shop.

Right away I spotted the puppy I wanted. She had a stubby nose,
and her eyelids seemed to be glued shut. Her floppy ears
were pressed against her head. Her little legs dangled out
in every direction. She didn’t have much fur yet.
She was beautiful!

I visited her every chance I had. I was amazed at how much she and
her brothers and sisters had to struggle just to stay alive.

For the first three weeks, the pups depended totally on their
mother. They couldn’t even go to the bathroom. The
mother would gently lick their bellies so that the puppies
could relax and relieve themselves. For their meals, they
would suck milk from their mother.

The thing they needed most was warmth, so they nestled close
to their mother’s body.

The breeder kept track of the puppies’ temperatures. Sometimes
she used a heat lamp or heating pad to give them extra warmth.

When my puppy was almost two weeks old, she opened her eyes to
see her new world. A few days later, she was able to control
her own body heat. The muscles in her legs grew stronger.
So did the muscles in her mouth. As I watched my puppy lapping
milk from a bowl, I longed for the day when I could take
her home.

I longed for the day I could take my puppy home.

My puppy was starting to explore everything around her. When she was excited, she would let out a little yip. I spent
hours watching her chase her own tail and shadow.

one month old, my puppy loved to play with her brothers
and sisters. The breeder said that the pups were learning
how to get along in life. Sometimes they would play too
roughly. Their mother would growl and pull them away, but
she never hurt them.

When the puppies’ teeth came in, their mother would throw
up soft food for them to eat. I thought this was disgusting,
but my neighbor said it is a natural part of animal survival.
The breeder also gave mushy dog food to the pups. This got
them used to food that wasn’t from their mother. They
were being weaned from their mother’s milk.

After five weeks, my puppy’s fur had grown in. I was thrilled
to see how she would perk up her ears and wag her tail when
I talked to her. She had just one more step to finish before
I could take her home. She had to learn how to behave around

It was the breeder’s job to get the pups used to people. One at a time, the breeder would bring out the pups to play with her family, who were firm but kind. This taught the pups that humans, like the pups’ mother, are caring and are also in charge.

Finally, after eight long weeks, I was able to take my puppy home. I had watched her grow from a weak and helpless puppy into
an independent little dog. Now she needed me to teach her right from wrong, to love her, and to protect her. I was glad I had decided to bring her into my life. She would truly be my best friend.

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  1. I can only agree adorable puppies! I am sorry that I have to hide your post. Otherwise if my kids would see these photos we would not have “only 3” dogs 😉

  2. barbrahesson says:

    They are addictive, but grow up to big bundles of energy!

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