Oh the Places You’ll Go

Posted on Wednesday, October 20th, 2010 at 7:16 pm


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13 Responses to “Oh the Places You’ll Go”

  1. Kristin B says:

    Love these bulletin boards! Thank you for posting!

  2. Jyoti says:

    You are very creative!!!!Loads of thanks for sharing your knowledge and creativity.

  3. Aparna Ranish says:

    Lovely boards ….Thanks a ton .. am stealing some ideas for our school library…

  4. barbrahesson says:

    Thanks for all the positive feedback. I love doing bulletin boards, so watch for more to come.

  5. joann allebrand says:

    thank you for some terrific ideas…Hope you don’t mind if I borrow some of them…

  6. barbrahesson says:

    Feel free to decorate and use any ideas that you like! Have fun!

  7. Dianne Griffin says:

    Where did you get the construction stuff (machines, books) for Building Readers? Am trying to recreate and would love to have your source. Thanks.

  8. barbrahesson says:

    I actually got those cut outs at a Dollar Store in Colville Washington about 3 years ago. You could try googling “Truck or construction vehicles, colouring book pictures” and then you would have to enlarge them. I print, then photocopy my pictures onto a clear plastic sheet and then use an overhead to enlarge them. To put colour to them I use different coloured craft paper for sections and place those over top the overhead projection on the wall then piece them together.(I hope this makes sense) Or if you are a good artist, go for it. When you type in “colouring book pictures” you often get really good simple images.The book images I have collected from various stores throughout the years. Try your local teacher store, look on line for teacher stores and try ordering some or you can google these as well. Some images I have taken off of my Print Shop software. Good luck!

  9. Kathy says:

    Your boards look great! How did you make the letters for the bottom 2 boards? My school only has the block die-cuts – but I am looking for lettering like yours in the bottom 2 boards – any suggestions? I am not artistic, so free-hand is not an option! Thank you.

  10. barbrahesson says:

    I used Print Shop from my computer, printed out the letters, cut them out, and then drew the outline right onto the corrugated paper background. I then got a black felt pen and coloured it in solid.

  11. Glenys Lowden says:

    Hi Barbra, love the boards-they are awesome. I have a job one day per week at a very smal rural school in Australia (in the library). I,just have a couple of questions as I would like to try to make some myself. When you do the background is that cardboard or material? The edging you do around the outside is that cardboard? It just looks so even so I was impressed that you had it all looking as if it is seamless.
    Did you use lettering you purchased for the alphabetical letters you use in the fiction? Did you put them onto specific library shelf dividers or did you make them yourself?

    Thanks for your help and these wonderful ideas on your boards.

  12. barbrahesson says:

    Thanks so much, I just love using my creative side to decorate the library. The background is a corrugated cardboard that comes on big rolls, but you can use any kind of coloured paper. You have to get it on a big roll and cut to size to eliminate seams. You could also use material, it works great too. The border as well is the same corrugated cardboard, comes in small rolls, and I have purchased store borders. Lettering is also from the store or I make letters from my Print Shop software, print it onto heavy cardstock and laminating them helps keep them in great shape. If you are talking about by Fiction Dividers, I have purchased plastic magazine holder boxes (you can use the more inexpensive cardboard ones), and I used again letters I made from print shop as I could make the colours and outlines that I wanted. But store bought letters would also work. If you want to see more great bulletin and library board ideas you should check out Pinterest. Good luck!

  13. Shelly L says:

    Hi Barbra,

    Just wanted to tell you that we loved your blog post on bulletin boards so much we’ve featured your Owl Bulletin Board on our blog! We’ve accredited you as the original source and added a link back here! Thank you for your hard work!

    This is a link to our post if you would like to see your featured bulletin board, and please feel free to share it if you like!


    -Shelly L.

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