My Guardian – Chapter Three – Gabe

Posted on Wednesday, April 27th, 2011 at 2:09 pm

I decided not make any quick movements or loud noises.  Where did he come from?  The window was open but I was on the second floor!window

And could a dog get past mom and dad?  I always wanted a dog, but dad was allergic. Wait a minute, dad was sneezing! Was the dog here the whole time?  Maybe it was a rescue dog.  It had a strange white pack on its back.

In a scratchy voice I whispered, “Hello fella, are you a nice boy?”

Its big tail swished back and forth, spraying a mist of water. I patted the top of my quilt.

He came right away and stood at the edge of my bed.  He was as tall as the top of my mattress. He seemed friendly, and I didn’t feel scared at all.

“Come on fella, its okay,” I patted the bed again and he sprang up in a single easy leap.

His fur was kinky and damp, and he smelled like stinky old pond water.  I reached out to touch him and a pink tongue escaped from his mouth.  I jerked back.  He panted and looked at me.

I took a deep breath and scratched at the black fur on his head and under his chin.  I didn’t realize I was holding my breath until I began to feel light-headed.

I exhaled and reached for his back. My hand passed over his head, down his neck and onto his shoulders.  When I touched one of the white lumps I knew right away it wasn’t any kind of pack or life jacket.  My head pounded as I moved to get a closer look. My eyes blurred, as my brain said no way. Thousands of tiny feathers!

I glided my fingers over each rounded wing hump and down to the very tip. He didn’t move.  The wings were folded under like a bird.  I felt dizzy.
“Hey fella, where did you come from?”  I thought back to the dock again and tried to relive everything that had happened.  I don’t remember seeing a dog anywhere.  I had seen some white birds. I remembered the kids, and the fall.  My head hit the dock and the murky water.    But in the water, I had seen something.  Maybe it was a hallucination, and this is a continuation of it.  Whatever it was, I knew that this strange creature, real or unreal, had saved me.

You were the black thing in the water.  You saved me. Good boy, good fella.”  But how?  “You must have helped pull me out with the others.  They must have seen you too. They told mom they had saved me, hey boy, but it was you, wasn’t it.  You are a boy aren’t you?”

He wagged his tail in agreement.

I remembered my prayer, my promise. Maybe he was an angel. Maybe he was my guardian angel.

I scratched him behind his ear and he rolled over on his back wriggling and whining.  I laughed so hard my head began to ache again.

“Trevor?”  It was Mom, and by the thumping I could tell she was taking the stairs two at a time.  What was she going to say about all this?  Dad would never let me keep a dog, even if it had saved my life.

“Trevor, what is it? I heard you cry. What’s the matter?” She sent my bedroom door flying into the wall.

In a second she was at my bed feeling my forehead.   She picked up the soggy ice bag from the floor and I cringed as she placed it on my throbbing goose egg.

I waited for her to say something about the dog, but she just went on mumbling, and pulling at my blankets, trying to make me lay down. She never screamed, or jumped back, or said anything about having a dog up on my bed.

“Mom, do you notice anything… different?”

She looked at me scrunching her eyebrows together, “well, that bump is turning kind of blue, but you don’t have a fever or anything.  Does something else hurt?  Should I call your dad back in to have a look at you?”

“No Mom,” She didn’t see him at all, yet he was big as life on my bed.

“I know what you need,” she said, “some food in that belly.   “How about a sandwich?”

I wondered if my guardian needed something to eat too. “Uh, okay sure.” I hoped I wasn’t smiling too much, because she would think that knock on my head had made me crazy.  “Oh and mom, can you put lots of meat on it?”

When Mom came back I had the dog sit next to the table by my bed, where mom would be sure to see him.

sandwich plateShe came in and put the plate down with a glass of milk. “Here you go sweetie.” She patted my arm and that was it.

I reached over and lifted the top piece of bread. The smell of turkey, ham, and Swiss cheese made my mouth water, and she had made it just how I like; with tons of mayonnaise and a pickle cut up beside it.

“You try that out Trevor, and holler if you need anything else.”

She didn’t say anything else, just kind of backed out of my room with a weird worried grin.

This was some kind of dream, but it was cool. I wanted to jump around at the thoughts of my very own secret private dog! But when I sat up, I was reminded of what had really happened. The dizziness came back. Maybe I had bonked my brain so hard I was ready for the loony bin.  My stomach flip-flopped and a sour taste filled my mouth.

Whatever was truth or made up, I decided to go with the flow.  “Come here fella, would you like a bite?  Come on its okay.”  I tore a chunk of sandwich, and he moved closer.  He snapped clumsily at each piece until it was gone, and then he licked at the mayo around his mouth. He looked at me as if to say, “what’s next?” So I gave him the pickle and he made that disappear too just like a real dog.

“What’s your name boy?” I asked, wondering if maybe he wasn’t also a talking dog.  But he just tilted his head to one side.

“Okay, I guess I’ll have to give you a name myself.  Let’s see, what’s a good name for an angel dog, an angel name?”

The only angel I could think of was Angel Gabriel. Gabriel, hmm, that sounded heroic, or Gabe for short?

“Come Gabe.   Attaboy, come here.”

Gabe came over and licked my face with his rough tongue.  “Good boy, thanks for saving me.”  I desperately wanted to wrestle with him but I knew my body couldn’t take it.  “Maybe we can play later, Gabe.”

I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Gabe whinedtired

“No boy it’s okay.  Don’t go yet.  Is your time up?  But I still need you.  Please stay.  Please stay.”

My eyes grew heavier and heavier and the last thing I saw was Gabe sitting by my open window, his amazing white wings spread from tip to tip.

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