My Guardian – Chapter two – It’s in my room!

Posted on Thursday, April 28th, 2011 at 2:08 pm

I waved my arms in front of me to hold off the attack and let out my breath.

Air. I gulped air!

I shivered but I felt warm. Was I ..?

“No,” I shouted, but it only came out as a hoarse whisper.

My hands shook as I felt my way up both arms, patted my legs, my chest. I felt my face, my eyes, and my head. Pain jolted through my body.

A blur of movement circled my head. I blinked and wiped my eyes.

The airplane mobile I had made in Grade 4 floated above me. Again I felt around with my hands. I had my pajamas on and there was a puffy quilt under me. I carefully lifted my head and saw my baseball card collection spread out on the floor, my Classic Car posters on the wall. I heard the country station Mom always listened to on the radio.

Then I realized I was still in hell; a small town called Sheridan Springs, population 408, with a bully named Bruce.

I banged my fist into the mattress and regretted it as my head exploded.

I turned my face into the pillow and lay quiet till the banging stopped.

I started to remember something about the lake. I was on the dock dreaming, minding my own business when Bruce came by playing the big tough guy. The other kids were scared and laughing at the same time. Something wasn’t right. Bruce and I wrestled around, I fell in, then I saw…. the creature!

I must have passed out again because the next thing I saw was mom and dad. Mom’s eyes were watery and red. I counted four wrinkles across her forehead.

“How ya doing Sport?” Dad hadn’t called me Sport for a couple of years. His whiskered face seemed a little

“Trevor, look me directly in the eyes,” His doctor voice took over as he flashed a small pen-like flashlight in my eyes. I couldn’t tell what he saw, but he gave me a quick grin, so I figured it wasn’t anything too serious. “Maybe we’d better sign you up for more swimming lessons,” He scrunched up his nose and closed his eyes as three sneezes blasted from behind his hand. “Whew, I hope I haven’t caught anything.”

Mom frowned at him then turned to me. “How’s that bump on your head?” She pushed an ice bag onto the swelling lump.

I cringed.

“Keep that on there for a while Trevor. You sure gave us a scare. What happened, what were you kids thinking?”

“Mom, no one was thinking! Just shoving! I can’t stand this place. Why did we have to move anyway?”

“Oh Trevor, don’t start that again. Accidents can happen anywhere.”

“Mom, it wasn’t an accident!”

She wasn’t listening. “Things will get better, just wait. Let’s not argue, okay? What can I get you? Are you hungry?”

The chime of the doorbell interrupted her fussing.

“Oh dear. Hang on a sec Trevor, I’d better get that.”

Mom ran out the door, like she wanted to go off and cry some more. She accidentally kicked a CD I had left on the floor, but she didn’t stop.

Dad went over and picked it up, along with my backpack and a car magazine, and put them on top of my dresser without saying a word about the mess.

He sat on the edge of my bed, lifted the ice pack, and poked at the lump that was becoming my second forehead. I wanted to scream at him again and blame him for everything.

He leaned towards me and took a deep breath. He was going to say something. Maybe tell me he had made a mistake, and was sorry, we would move back.

“Well, Trevor,” he said, “I’ve checked you over and everything seems to be in the right spot.” He chuckled. “I think what you need is some rest and, when you’re feeling a bit better, maybe some fuel in that body of yours.”

I nodded. Ya sure, what did he care?

“Let your mom know if you feel any nausea or dizziness. Get some rest, but we don’t want you sleeping for long stretches at a time. I’ll check in on you when I get home from work. Okay sport?” He was caught by another series of sneezes.sneeze

I gave him a weak smile and pointed to the tissues on my dresser. He nodded and grabbed a handful.

Mom came back and he put a hand on my shoulder and gave it a hard squeeze. “See you later.”

“Thanks for coming,” mom whispered to him. Giving Dad a hug on his way out she added, “And don’t you go getting sick on me too.”

And like nothing had ever happened; like it was another wonderful day in the good old country, she looked at me and said, “oh, Trevor dear, one of your friends is at the door. He’s wondering how you are. He seems to be concerned about you, but it’s up to you. If you’re not feeling up to it I can tell him to come back.”

What was she talking about?

” Um, what did he say his name was again? Oh yes, I remember. He said it was Bruce.”

“Ahhhh, no! Just leave me alone, I don’t want to see anyone.” I turned away.

Mom didn’t say a word, but I heard her sigh. She tapped the bag, gave me one last smile, then left my door open a crack.

When she was gone I threw the ice pack on the floor. My whole life sucked. My head screamed, and my stomach gurgled. I felt like I was back on the dock. A bitter taste filled my mouth.

I closed my eyes. I wanted to just block everything out and go back to dreamland, maybe hang with my old buddies again, but I had a feeling that someone was in the room. Oh it had better not be Bruce. If mom let him in, that’s it, I was going to freak out.

“Mom, is that you?”

I looked around trying not to move too much.

A black shape crouched in the corner by my desk. I sat up, but immediately fell back down holding my head.

As I fought to keep my eyes open I got a good look at it. Black fur covered its body. I saw a head and ears; a tail twitched, a long black snout sniffed the air.

I could hear it panting. I remembered the teeth.

It was a dog! A big black, wet dog?

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