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evergreen bb 003ABOUT ME:  Writing is a solitary life, but it doesn’t have to be when you share!

Now I have tons of time to write and read as I enjoy my beautiful home in British Columbia.

I continue to do book reviews for the Calgary Herald. Check out my Kids/Teen book reviews the first Saturday of every month in the “Books and the Arts” section.

I have sold articles to Highlights for Children magazine entitled: “My Puppies Journey,”which was also featured in “Measurement Inc.“Another called,  “Home Improvement,” about birds and nesting, a porcupine story, “A Prickly Situation,” and a fiction story called  “The Valentine Swap.”

I have also published, “The Unshakable Birdhouse,” in Nature Friend, and “The Journeys of a Writer,” in Westword, the Writer’s Guild of Alberta magazine.  I was a finalist in the Canadian Writer’s Guild 2001 contest for a children’s short story, “No More Monsters.” The same story won honorable mention out of 19,000 entries in the 2006 Writer’s Digest Children’s Fiction contest.  I was a semi-finalist in the Writer’s Union of Canada 2003 contest with “There’s a Frog in Your Peanut Butter Sandwich.”

I have completed four children’s novels about: a guardian angel dog named Gabriel, an evil Winter Fairy, a crazy mixed-up backwards day and a search of Mt. Ararat for Noah’s Ark.  All of which I am presently seeking a publisher.