Kootenay Slang

Sailing Wait – How many times a loaded ferry will travel to its destination and back before it’s your turn to get on.

Burning Slash –Slash and burn is a method of farming that involves clearing land by destroying and burning all the trees and plants on it

Facing down Smokie – Encountering a bear and surviving

Beaver Valley -The Beaver Valley is a gentle and narrow valley east of Trail lined with evergreens and traversed by Beaver Creek, famous for its plentiful brook and rainbow trout. About 5,000 people make their home in the Beaver Valley which also contains the Villages of Montrose and Fruitvale

Trash to Treasure – A day when you can put out items you don’t need so others can take for free

We’re not made of Sugar – When you plan an event outside and its pouring rain and you go ahead with it anyway

Banquet tickets ($35 each or 2 for $40) – lol

Smokies – also refers to our hometown hockey team -The Trail Smoke Eaters   are a junior “A” ice hockey team from Trail, British Columbia, Canada.

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