Fall/Winter (Christmas, Olympics)

Posted on Friday, September 11th, 2009 at 4:49 pm


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  1. Hi Barbara,

    I’d love to share your “Make tracks to the library” bulletin board with our readers on TeachHUB for this week’s December Bulletin Board Bonanza.

    Please email to let me know if you I have your permission to share the image with full attribution and a link back to you. Thanks!

  2. Niko says:

    Hi, I want to ask you about your bulletin boards. They are very creative. Im curious about one of your boards in particular “Reading Is Cool” with the polar bears and penguins. When you made those characters how exactly did you color the scarves and the penguin. What was the process, tools and techniques used when making those. -Thanks

  3. barbrahesson says:

    I photocopy the image onto a clear plastic sheet made specifically for photocopying, then I place that clear sheet with image onto an overhead projector and shine it onto the wall. I then pencil in the whole image on a background colour, for example the polar bear was white. I then take coloured paper and place it over the objects I want to be in colour and trace out only that part (example the scarf). I then cut out all coloured parts and glue them onto the whole large image. I hope this makes sense. Good luck

  4. Kerrie says:

    Your displays are fabulous!
    I love the letters you use to make the displays, do you make them or can I buy them? Thanks!

  5. barbrahesson says:

    Most of them are from the dollar store, but some of them I use print shop where I make a whole word as a headliner and print it off on card stock. Thanks!

  6. Sheba says:

    These boards are wonderful!!! How did you achieve the blue/gray-ish color of the mountains in Season’s Readings board?

  7. barbrahesson says:

    I used a blue background construction paper from the large rolls, and then just smeared white water-colour pain on with my fingers til I reached the desired icy colour.

  8. Jamie Barnett says:

    Where did you get the pattern for the cute bear?

  9. barbrahesson says:

    Sorry it is from so long ago. You can often find great images to enlarge by just entering subject and clipart. “Polar bear reading with flashlight” I print off onto clear plastic sheets and enlarge on projector.

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